Proxima Capital Group’s equity investments

Generally, PCG acts as a strategically-oriented financial investor. We have control or significant corporate rights in portfolio companies because it is important for us to actively participate in the company’s management, to determine and affect its development strategy and to form its management team. We do not have a clearly defined investment horizon, which allows us to consider asset monetisation both through selling or partial selling businesses in the medium-term, as well as through generating dividend yield and capitalisation growth over a longer term.

Investment focus

We focus our investment interests on companies that meet the following basic criteria:

  • Operate in a promising industry with high or sustainable growth rates and a favourable competitive environment, have an export potential.
  • Have a significant growth potential and are likely to occupy a significant market share in the future.
  • Have competitive advantages that allow them to realise their potential: favourable market position, strategic geographical location, quality product, valuable know-how, unique assets, etc.

When to invest

PCG starts working with the capital of companies at a certain point in their life cycle where our involvement can have a determining influence on the further development and growth of the company's capitalisation:

  • A company has faced significant problems due to an excessive debt burden. Thus, our involvement helps the owners rescue their business and establish normal operations.
  • A company has reached a local "ceiling" and needs a boost to continue to grow. With our expertise, the company can advance to start working in a new and more promising segment, enter the federal market, alter business processes and increase the profitability of operations.
  • A company has reached a sufficient level of maturity and has a business and capital structure that allows completing a transaction in the form of an LBO*. In this case, we attract leveraged finance and structure the transaction, so that it does not create financial risks for the business and does not hinder its development.

* Acquisition of shares/equity interests in a company through debt financing of the target company