Own Investments


Individual storage service

  • Period of completion 2018 –
  • Project’s geography Россия

The company provides private storage services to individuals and entities, storage facilities from 1 to 60m2 for storing personal belongings, furniture, equipment, goods, etc. The company's clients have access to 6 modern warehouse complexes with a total useful area of 17,800m2 in Moscow and St.Peterburg. In terms of this square volume, AlfaStore is among the top 3 players providing such service in Moscow. The project aims to actively develop the individual storage service in Moscow and other Russian cities. PCG has implemented the following measures since the end of 2018:

  • Optimisation of the company's business processes and digitalisation of the business.
  • Putting into operation an additional 1,500m2 of usable warehouse space.
  • Complete modernisation for one of the facilities with a two-fold increase in space.
  • Increasing fire safety levels at the warehouses.
  • Launching new services.