About Proxima
Capital Group

Proxima Capital Group (PCG) is an independent investment firm founded in 2013.

PCG carries out investment and advisory projects in Russia and the CIS

Development strategy

We invest not only money, but also our time and energy, into assets in need of professional management and financial turnaround. We use advanced business models to help our portfolio assets achieve leading positions in their respective markets. In our investment approach, we focus on identifying undervalued assets which other investors might deem to be too risky. Our goal is to increase the valuation of the assets we acquire through professional financial policies and competent management.


In its work with stressed businesses, many of which play key roles in their local regions, PCG aims to help these companies out and give their employees an opportunity to voice and implement creative ideas.


РСG strives to attract talent. Therefore, we work with leading Russian universities and offer scholarships to their best students.