Business recapitalisation deals and debt restructuring

Novoyeniseiskiy Wood-Chemical Complex

Wood processing complex

  • Period of completion - 2017
  • Project’s geography - Russia
Integrated study of assets of one of the largest woodworking groups in Russia
Carrying out a comprehensive study of the assets of one of the largest woodworking groups in Russia. Novoeniseisky Lesokhimichesky Group is one of Russia's leading full-service woodworking companies. The group found itself in a precarious financial position due to weak financial performance and inappropriate spending on the investment programme, which led to a significant increase in the debt burden. PCG conducted a financial and technical study of the group's assets to identify development prospects, as well as possible bank debt restructuring options. As part of a comprehensive asset study, PCG implemented the following activities:
  • An audit of the companies' financial models.
  • Formation of a consolidated financial model taking into account prerequisites for eventual restructuring.
  • Carrying out the financial Due Diligence of the group of companies.
  • Assessment of production complexes and analysis of capital expenditure needs to complete investment projects.
  • Assessment of necessary capital expenditure to maintain the Group's facilities at target levels.